In this site you'll learn a little bit about my life on Earth.

There's a few cartoons, a few links and little bit about yours truly.   So, for the truly bored amongst you who have nothing else to do but poke around in other people's homepages, poke away!

Contents of My Web Page

Sillies -      This contains, err..silly stuff
Jokes -         Jokes
Funny Pictures -     Cartoons and the like
My Hobbies -     My Hobbies (well, what did you expect?)
Favourite Links -     Can't have a web page without one of these, right?
Atheism -         A little buzzy bee in my bonnet
Free Judaism -    For Jews who aren't too crazy on gods
Questioning the Bible -         What do you mean the Israelites weren't in Egypt!!?
Family-         Meet the Kershes
Contact  me -     Should you REALLY want to...